Nicholas Krenmayer


Brooklyn, NY 90026



At the age of 13 my father handed me an A-1 Canon.  I fell in love with photography that single moment. After many years spent with traditional forms of photography and splashing around in the darkroom to master my black and white techniques, I have found that experience was the cornerstone for my creativity. There is nothing like hands on work in art It spills over into my digital work.

I have worked on projects in South Carolina, San Diego, LA, NYC, and Boston. Each city has influenced me in culture, work ethic, and allowed my personality to grow as a well traveled individual. It is important to use these environmental changes as a driving force in ones creativity and business interests. Every person, place and experience is a building block in ones life. Brooklyn, NY is where I lay my foundation and work out of. There is no other town that can inspire like these streets.

If you are interested in working with me please email or call for booking.